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“A No-nonsense Approach to Design”

We try our very best to avoid using such buzzwords - design thinking, designerly knowing, design research. We do not talk much of “design” but take immediate action to realise it: having accomplished a year-long task in three-month, unveiled and connected undiscovered dots, leveraged on resources of concurrent and irrelevant projects, achieved impossible collaborations and more.


Design Management Consultant

We offer design management consulting services methodically and strategically. The services are not limited to the reframing of problems by connecting dots from A to Z in order to solve them within agreed resources, but our competent consultants also enlist and summon the most qualified and suitable design team to achieve deliverables.

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Project Management

We specialise in project management, and focus on quality deliverables in any forms of products, services, systems, and happenings. Our team thoroughly demonstrates professionalism by systematically mastering the projects and processes until their completion. Our versatile team is exceptional in integrating scope of work, resources, quality, procurement, communication, and risks.



Design Research

We strategise methods and conduct design research to investigate people's experience and behaviours by various approaches flexibly. Our resourceful team enables stakeholders to participate in data collection, organisation, analysis and synthesis. We also facilitate others to discover insights by designerly ways of knowing (N. Cross) to spark imaginative ideas to address people's needs.




We design and run interactive workshops; we also moderate discussions to accelerate collaborations and progress on a particular problem-solving process. Our creative team adopts and develops a series of group activities to realise small wins for big challenges. Participants would accomplish specific tasks happily and intensively by common consent.


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